Empathy Through Technology meetup in Malmö

On July 2017 the 31st a promising group was founded on the meetup platform about BCI. As the meetup page announce:

Empathy Through Technology Meetup supports in connecting professionals with various backgrounds; can be arts – > technology; with various skills, talents but having the same interest.

On the 7th of August the group counts on 53 members.


Malmö, SE
135 EmpaTechumans

Here’s some news for you.In the Oresund area, there is a new community starting up with events hosted in Malmo. We want to create a network with passionate and driven individ…

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2018-06-05: the group has changed name and topic into “Empatech”: on empathy and compassion through technology.

2018-08-10: I have founded Telepathy-Through-Technology.

Telepathy Through Technology

Malmö, SE
1 Members

Neuroscience and brain computer interfaces (BCI) have enabled the human specie to be telepathic. Telepathy Through Technology focus on two aspects: human-to-human telepathic c…

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